Monday, August 25, 2014

Exhibition Countdown 24 : Tea Bags and A Frog

 One of the more enjoyable aspects of  the preparation for this exhibition has been drinking tea and hence, the most labour intensive aspect has been drying and emptying tea bags. Just when I needed more tea bags to choose from, I received this wonderful parcel from my Aunty Jeanie. A lot of people might not appreciate this gift, but this made me very, very happy - lots of dry, clean , flattened tea bags. In almost every piece of work I have included tea bag paper in one form or another.For example, the art which Timeless Textiles chose as the invitation image is a photograph I took in 2012 in Finland  - digitally manipulated and printed on organza embellished with hand embroidered tea bags. At first, I tore quite a few tea bag papers with heavy handed stitching,  but  I have now developed a technique which makes it a most enjoyable and relaxing activity. However, hand stitching on canvas is another matter - yesterday I broke three needles!
But there is always some fun... I had left a few sample pieces of fabric soaking in a cold dye bath of tea, iron sulphate and some banksia cones in the garden Today, I decided a few days was enough, and tipped the dye bath into a  pot plant . I almost dropped the whole pot when I noticed something moving  - and out jumped this little frog. It didn't seem to be adversely affected by the dye elements, but its skin did look quite black. I think the frog looks much better than the fabric! Eco dyeing at its ultimate!

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  1. Carolyn Simmons LoganAugust 26, 2014 at 12:57 AM

    Oh, Wilma, I am so enjoying your blog, and today's was no exception. The story of the discovery of the little frog in your tea bath made me laugh out loud on a day that was otherwise gloomy. Thank you : ]
    How you manage to find the time and energy, keep your sanity, and impart such a great sense of humour into these posts, all while preparing for your pending exhibition, I will never know.
    All the very best to you as preparations continue!


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