Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tea on Thursday 17 : Tea Bag Stitching

Some experiments of stitching on tea bags ... The one in the middle was  attached to organza and waxed  before stitching, but I don't like the prominent needle marks and I wrecked a needle.  I am happy with the others -left, Lipton black ; right - Cranberry and Apple tea.

Did you know that tea bags were invented  at the turn of the twentieth century by an American tea merchant, Thomas Sullivan who used to send his customers samples of tea in tins, until he started to cut costs by sending single serves of tea in silk pouches. To his amazement, the pouches were very popular when his customers began to drop the whole pouch and contents into a teapot, marvelling at the convenience of making tea with a bag. Soon the accidental invention of the tea bag became popular especially in the USA and in Europe. The first mass produced tea bags were made from fine cotton gauze or muslin, and in the 1950's these were replaced with the paper tea bag. And as they say, the rest is history. Today, Most of the tea consumed is brewed using tea bags. ( Source-  Hohenegger, Beatrice: Liquid Jade)

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