Thursday, February 27, 2014

Divas? Goddesses? Sages?

This week, I finally put the finishing stitches to these little dolls which have been on my work table for some time. You will see that for most of them I used fabric with a horse motif. These were all meant to be ready  for the beginning of the Chinese New Year  "Year of the Horse"  ...
Here is the basic process I've used for making these  ....
1. Draw a basic shape,
 2. Use it as a template 
 3. Sew around the outside of the template with the right sides of fabric together
 4. Cut from the doubled fabric, leaving a small seam. 
5. Turn right side out ( turning tubes are useful) 
6. Cut a small slit where the polymer clay face mask will cover.
7. Stuff polyfill through the opening to fill the shape firmly.
8. Stitch up the opening 
9. Embroider a  free form design and add beads. 

10. Make a small face mask from polymer clay.
( You can use a commercial mould as I did or sculpt your own.) 

11. Stitch and/or glue the polymer clay face mask over the opening.
12. Embroider or bead around the face.
14. Use braids, ribbons or trims to create these dolls. 
Do you think these are divas? goddesses? or sages? Or do you have another suggestion?


  1. they are gorgeous! I am going to make one as a pin for my coat.


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