Monday, January 20, 2014

Why are workshops good for you?

workshop 19/1/14 
Today was my  first workshop for 2014 -  a stick art dolls workshop ... This was a repeat of a workshop offered  quite a few times recently , so I started thinking  why do creative people love workshops and why they  are good for you.  Here are 10  reasons I've thought of ... I am sure you may have others?  

1.  An inspiring  workshop tutor can motivate to improve your work, change the direction of your work or try something new and different.
 2. A workshop offers a supportive and encouraging environment where you can learn a new skill (s)  and/or  experience  different approach ( either from the tutor or fellow participants) 
workshop 19/1/14 
3.  Being with other artists assists you in finding solutions to problems as well as making new contacts and friends.
workshop 19/1/14
4. A workshop allows you to experiment and try  new/ different genres, media, products and equipment. .   
workshop 19/1/14 
5. During a workshop, you have the time to "think" about your own art and the "what, where, how and why" of your creative processes as well as how to apply new skills.
6. You will,  in most workshops,  have a completed creation/product to take home and admire.   
7 . A workshop is fun! 
8. In a workshop, you discover that you are able to offer advice as well as receive it. 
9. A workshop nurtures the "inner child" - appeals to curiosity, creative play and expression. 
10 .  The best reason for investing the time and money to a creative workshop is that you will feel great  - positive, inspired and motivated, having spent some time with like minded people.  
workshop creations 19/1/14  
Today's workshop , I hope,  fulfilled what each artist had hoped for. Congratulations to all - beautiful original  textile art works created!  If you couldn't attend this workshop, here is a 3 minute video  of the workshop samples to compensate 

and here are some links to some more  amazing workshops /creative retreats to be held in 2014. 
1. Timeless Textiles
2. Contemporary Craft Retreat
3. Sydney Jewellery School 
4. Anne's Glory Box

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