Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Resolutions

I have adopted the "5 simple rules for happiness"  as  a guide to my new year's resolutions. I don't think I usually harbour 'hatred", but I thought it was a good reminder to get rid of negativity in feelings and attitudes.
Of course, I should have added "losing weight" to those 2014 goals... but I have for every year previously with mixed success. It is not surprising then to see the top 10 New Year's resolutions statistically are:

Lose Weight
Getting Organized
Spend Less, Save More
Enjoy Life to the Fullest
Staying Fit and Healthy
Learn Something Exciting
Quit Smoking
Help Others in Their Dreams
Fall in Love
Spend More Time with Family

It is also then not surprising that  Google  searches  for "diet" surged by 82 percent immediately following New Year's Eve! However, statistically,  fewer than  50% of people who make resolutions on 1 January keep them beyond six months!    Whatever your New Year's resolution, I wish you all the best for 2014 and hope you achieve all your goals with peace and happiness. 


  1. I like your simple rules. Might be easier to achieve than losing weight for me!

  2. Hi Wilma, thank you for the Tag Tuesday welcome and your lovely comment. To answer your question, yes, Kate Winslet did play the role of Iris in The Holiday. I wrote more at my blog.
    I love your simple rules. It's so much easier to be kind, isn't it. Now, if only those around us would cooperate. ;)

    Have a lovely.


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