Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of the Dragon

Kung Hei Fat Choy - Cantonese for Happy New Year.
Welcome the Year of the Dragon . A very auspicious year  it would seem … from the International Business Times … The Year of the Dragon is one of the most revered years of the Chinese New Year calendar, and those born under the sign are regarded as innovative, passionate people who are colourful, confident and fearless…. the Dragon is sometimes called a "karmic sign." The Dragon is larger than life and its appearance means that big things are to come. The Year of the Dragon is a flowing river, not a stagnant lake, so things happen quickly earlier in the year. The Dragon marks progression, perseverance and auspiciousness. It may also bring about unpredictable events.

To celebrate the new year we spent a couple of days in Sydney with our  family for the launch of the Chinese New Year Festival. We are sorry we will not be able to enjoy the legendary parade next weekend, but it clashes with the beginning of the school year in NSW… not good to have grandchildren celebrating late into the night before their first day of term.
What does Chinese New Year mean to our family?
Being together as a family,  of course ….
 Food, food and more food….

Tradition - Lion dances….

And parades ….

 Lots of good luck red….Red packets with money.... 

Making good wishes for the future .... 

New clothes in bright colours …
Chasing away  the bad spirits….
And welcoming the new and the good ….
Learning about heritage ….
Religious observance...

Reflection and meditation...
 Just having fun together regardless of the weather.... 
And when any more celebrating is just too much, there's nothing better than a vegemite sandwich and a sleep in the arms of someone who loves you....

Thanks to my beautiful family for making this Chinese New Year  celebration very special for me and to all  my friends and family my  best wishes for happiness, peace and love in the Year of the Dragon. 


  1. Wilma, what a wonderful post.I checked my bloglist and your blog was still listed, I hadn't removed , or altered it, but it wasn't coming upo on sidebar.Not sure why.Added again, now comes up.
    Tag Tuesday..thanks for telling me about it. What fun..the next month will possibly be a mini book!!

  2. Thanks Judy - sorry didn't mean that you had to change settings etc... I just remembered you had an interest in the Chinese New Year traditions for one of your students a couple of years back. So happy you are enjoying Tag Tuesday.

  3. Forgiving FashionsJanuary 24, 2012 at 4:23 PM

    Beautiful photos and text - thanks Wilma for your good wishes and a Happy New Year to you.


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