Monday, January 16, 2012

UFO's Already?

I started the year really well with a schedule for finishing projects - this obviously didn't last very long. Here I am  just starting the third week of January  and already my timetable has collapsed- with a UFO - Unfinished Object...The photo above  is a beaded doll in progress. Hopefully by posting it in this state this week, I will be able to post a photo of the finished project next week? However, here is one doll which I did finish during the week . The doll looked so Asian that I chose a maroon oriole for her bird companion. The Maroon Oriole is a strikingly coloured bird whose usual habitat is the tropical and sub tropical forests of South East Asia.

I think the main reason for being behind schedule is that I also helped our grandson make some animated movies during the week. It was a lot of fun - setting up the various scenes, but I now have a lot more respect and admiration for animators. I took over 100 photos to make a 7 second animated movie - all under the close direction of my  seven year old grandson. We are very proud of  his creative efforts.  Here are the links to the movies. Movie 1 and Movie 2

And it was the second week of TAG TUESDAY with a theme of Snow Sports. I made two for the TT blog  and then another two with photos of our beautiful Finnish exchange daughter who is a keen snow sportswoman.

 Hope you will pop in at TAG TUESDAY and go to the homepage to see all the amazing tags from mixed media artisits from many different countries.

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