Friday, June 17, 2011

Textile Weekend in Brisbane

The Brisbane Textile Festival was not advertised as a heavenly event but an angel was there admiring the creative work! This golden vision was a real person of course, perhaps just stunned by the amazing work.  The main exhibition was Circus Berserkus,wearable art ... there was a festival of colour ... just a few of the works I photographed.  The third photo is a close up of the "Tightrope Walker" by Kirry Toose, the winner.

One of the exhibitions which captured my attention was the sewing machine "tattoos" or art skins ... textile art transferred to sewing machines... one way to personalise your machine!

I was happy when I heard the winners of the best "dressed" stalls. They were amongst my favourites, too .
2 World Textiles and Tours was the best small stall and Dairing was the best large stall 

I fitted in a couple of workshops and was happy to have some time on a 12 needle embellisher machine. I made a wall hanging using only synthetic fabrics. I think it needs some hand stitching to bring it to life, but I though it was a reasonable effort for an hour and half!

 I did try to spend a little bit of time to visit with my niece, too and appreciate the views from her balcony. The weather was cold,rainy and windy, but there was one brave black raven resting on the building.

A very enjoyable and indulgent weekend...

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  1. This blog makes me want to be there so I can immerse myself in the colors and textures. It's beautiful.


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