Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Soft Scape - Olivia Parsonage

from Soft Scape -  Olivia Parsonage
I have been a big fan of Olivia Parsonage's work since I discovered her soft sculptures a few years ago, and  since revisiting the  wonderful wall narrative Olivia created for her exhibition at the Newcastle Art Space in 2014, I  have become more enamoured with her people and sense of whimsy too. Last week, I went to Olivia's exhibition at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery..... 
Soft Scape is an inviting space of colour and texture created by a multitude of fabric scraps. These remnant pieces, often small and destined for disposal, are made important and useful by becoming part of a bigger picture.
The different patterns, textures and colours of the fabric appeal to the senses of sight and touch and interaction with the work is encouraged on the floor space, with the movable blocks. ( from the MRAG website)
from Soft Scape - Olivia Parsonage 

It was exciting to participate in Soft Scape.... there were lots of young people of all ages creating with Olivia's soft building blocks and the sense of creative fun was obvious in every corner of the room. The buzz could be heard in the gallery's restaurant, and while our visit was during the school holidays, it was so reassuring to hear and feel the enjoyment, in an art gallery! 
from Soft Scape - Olivia Parsonage 
from Soft Scape -  Olivia Parsonage 
from Soft Scape - Olivia Parsonage 
 Olivia's .... intention is to foster the ideas of recycling, repurposing and being creative with the materials we have around us, to make do and find new uses for old things. ( from MRAG website
Window - image from  MRAG website
Congratulations Olivia - what a wonderful, interactive, creative and happy exhibition! Your work is stunning and brilliant. You have created an  artistic  experience, allowing  each of us to develop a narrative in our own imagination. Powerful! 
Soft Scape is open until 31 January at Maitland Regional Art Gallery. 
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