Sunday, January 27, 2019

Australia Day - which date?

Art Doll - Wilma Simmons 

Happy Australia Day... Although there is some controversy over when "Australia Day" should be celebrated. ( see this ABC commentary) , for this year, Australia Day remains 26 January, with its official holiday tomorrow, 28 January.  Generally, I am fairly politically outspoken, but on this matter, I am still undecided. However, like many Australians, I am leaning towards the movement for changing the date...  I feel for indigenous Australians for whom this date is very hurtful.
Whatever the date, we will most likely celebrate Australia Day in our usual way -  very quietly - either doing something in our community or just enjoying our native garden.

 Anigozanthus Big Red - Kangaroo Paw 

Grevillea juniperina - Pink Lady 

Corymbia ficifolia -Summer Red 

Syzygium ( possibly Resilience) 

Chamaelaucium uncinatu - Gerladton Wax 


  1. Hi Wilma
    Just read an interesting article by Luke Pearson who had a "Change the date" mind and now has changed his mind to a "Change Australia first". It can be seen at
    I am inclined to agree with him

    1. Thank you Leslie for the reference - very thought provoking article... I am inclined to agree too, with an addition. " and a country that does not treat Indigenous people as a threat but instead recognises and respects the unique status of Indigenous peoples ... and migrants/refugees.... ( my addition) in Australia, and strives to weave that in to the national identity, decision making processes, and day-to-day life


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