Thursday, January 10, 2019

Walking a different path

We walk through 
each day, with a 
restless wandering. 
Deep down craving 
a different path. 
A shining light. 
A dream to hold on to.” 
― Susan Bocinec Terry, Moods and Musings

 To start off Tag Tuesday for 2019 , our team leader, Valerie has chosen the theme "New Beginnings", so I decided to work with  a new technique and create a new "path" .... The background of this tag is watercolour paper, spattered with three colours of watered down  acrylic paint ( blue, yellow, red) . Leaves and garden debris had been placed over the paper, creating masks. The "path" was where a branch had been placed. The idea is when the paint has dried, patterns seem to emerge. Using ink and coloured pencils, I defined the image. Shadows and lines were created by smudging the ink and drawing with coloured pencils.

  Here are a couple of  images of the background without any work on it, and the beginnings of another little drawing  suggested by the background. 


  1. Gorgeous tag Wilma, and I love the techniques you used. Thanks for joining us at Tag Tuesday, Valerie

  2. Wilma this is stunning, I love the composition you have chosen for the Trees creating an endless path leaving us with the decision to walk it or not.... amazing thought provoking piece of art. Thank you for sharing.
    Creative wishes Tracey x


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