Sunday, October 6, 2013


Tag 39

Surely not another 'face ' after the 29 Faces September Art Challenge? Yes, I enjoyed drawing faces so much last month, I have transferred faces to my contributions to Tag Tuesday. This week's theme was Beads, Buttons and Bows. After thinking about the very old song, "Buttons and Bows" , I made the tag (pictured above) using a painted and stencilled background, and wrote the song lyrics on the tag after I drew the face with a felt tipped marker and coloured pencils.  The other tags for this month will all somehow have a face included. October's other themes are Torn and Tattered, Shoes,Autumn and Haloween .
 Tag Tuesday is an online group blog challenge. There is a theme each week, and each week, each participant posts his/her tag inspired by the designated theme. For the first 26 weeks the alphabet was the theme and I stitched 26 tags depicting Australian plants A-Z. Then we changed back to weekly themes.
For Tags 27-30, I used the underlying theme of famous artists, although the official themes were Italy, The Roaring Twenties, Fish, and Travel. So my tags were subtitled Mona Pisa, Picasso Jazz, Botticelli Bream and Dalicopter. 

 l tor: Mona Pisa, Botticelli Bream, Dalicopter, Picasso Jazz. 
I took Marie Antoinette as my own theme for Tags Weddings, Complementary Colours, Doors and Portals , The Swinging Sixties. My tags became "Let them eat cake", Regency Shoes, Storming of the Bastille, and Beehive . How does Beehive fit with Marie Antoinette? The large hair style was used by Marie Antoinette as she was known to have had very thin hair. On my tag, her image is slightly visible in the background

l to r: Let them eat cake, Bastille through a keyhole, Regency shoes, Beehive. 
I also  made the next four themes into an Egyptian set. The themes were Eyes, Mother and Child, Wings, and Egypt.  

 l to r: Mother & Child, Egypt, Eyes, Wings.

 With only 12 more weeks to go to the end of the year and in my second year of Tag Tuesday, it has now just become routine to make a tag each week. With the 29 Faces tags I made last month, I now have a very good supply of  gift tags for birthdays and other events. 

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  1. Love the Angels of Hope dolls. Good to get together with others to make them.


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