Monday, July 22, 2013

Seeing Red

This last week, I have been seeing red ...  No, I am not angry at all , quite the opposite. I am happy with my work but it  is  all red! Little red felted projects like the red character brooch above - a red jester? a  red king? and the red doll, I've called  Red Poppies. These were amongst the samples I made for a workshop last weekend at ATASDA Australian Textile Art and Surface Decoration Association.

I have also been very lucky to have been given an embroidery sewing machine which is amazing - it requires no creative input from me. All I do is thread the machine up and press a button. I have always loved red work and decided this was a good place to start using this machine. Here are the beginnings of some little gift bags - am I really thinking of Christmas ? 

Hope your week brings you a special "red letter' day. (Red letter day: a memorable, joyful day)