Monday, July 8, 2013

Felt Better

red felt carnelian wrap - close up 
 In May I had a wonderful opportunity to do a workshop with Sachiko Kotaka, renowned felt maker, origami and performance artist.

Sachiko Kotaka workshop 
 I learnt a lot from Sachiko – her unique origami/kirigami and weaving felting techniques  as well as the virtue of patience in creating art and repeatedly practising techniques to develop competence. This last week I think the winter blues got the better of me, so I practised some of Sachiko’s techniques and “felt” a lot better. I was really happy with the wrap I made during the week – so happy,  I wore it to a function on Saturday night.
red felt carnelian wrap 
It is a nuno felted wrap, using beautiful merino wool, a scrap of sheer fabric ( I cannot remember  what it is or where it came from) and some disks of carnelian from my bead stash. I really like carnelian, not only for its colour but also for its properties which some sources claim are close to magical.
A stabilising stone, Carnelian restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity.  It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success…It helps in trusting yourself and your perceptions.  It overcomes negative conditioning and encourages steadfastness.  Carnelian improves analytic abilities and clarifies perception.  It sharpens concentration and dispels mental lethargy…

One of the other works in progress from the workshop is a funky little bag. One of the pieces I made in the workshop included very bright almost fluoro green dyed wool, so I soaked it in tea to soften it and although I can’t say I ‘love’ it, it has become acceptable and I am making it into a little bag and am currently stitching into the surface.
workshop felt 
work in progress - bag - close up  
work in progress - bag
I do enjoy working with wool in winter and have been creating some smaller projects in the last month. I am not sure if it has been documented anywhere that the process of felting is restorative, but it certainly  makes me feel better. 
felt and clay brooches
felted bowls 2013

felt redhead - wool, silk, clay, beads 

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  1. I absolutely love your felting projects Wilma, look forward to seeing you at the Canberra retreat.


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