Friday, April 19, 2013

Australian Inspired Traveling Art Doll

Gum leaves (Eucalypt)  - dried leaves and some encased in fused organza 
 Last week I posted about Art Dolls Only "Traveling Art Doll" project. Our team , Tiny Team  is Martha (Ayala Art ) and Lulu ( Lulus Apples) both from USA and me.
When Martha's doll arrived, I was very worried ... Such a beautiful face -  I didn't want to do anything, not in character. And I had not made a doll with a polymer clay breast plate before, so I wasn't sure how to proceed. Martha had named her Linda but I nicknamed her "Dimi" - a kind of  tiny sprite! And then it came to me as I was walking in the bush near our place - an Australian bush sprite, inspired by a pile of dried gum leaves on a path!

Traveling Art Doll 1 - on arrival 
Sketches 1
Sketch - close up
The fabric I chose is a design called "Yalke" ( Aboriginal word for Australian bush onion) by indigenous artist, June Smith. The skirt is made from fabric leaves, and natural leaves encased and fused between layers of organza. 
Gum leaves skirt 
 Trying to create a srpite like figure I  made pointed toes on her feet, but I think they are too small - Perhaps it is something Lulu can remedy when it comes to her, as well as adding  her arms and hands.
feet for a sprite? 
Enjoying the sunshine in the garden before leaving.
 And just before getting packed ready for the journey, who should arrive? Traveling Art Doll 2 from Lulu via Martha.....

New arrival 
Together briefly... 

Watch this space for more "Traveling Art Doll" adventures...


  1. Wow, Wilma! I love seeing how you incorporated the leaf idea into the doll. Beautiful!

  2. Oh wow!! I love the fabrics! The leaves are so beautiful! ♥ Xo)
    I don't think the feet are too little, looks awesome!

  3. Wow! I love everything about her! Clever using fabric design called "Yalke" :) Brilliant idea with leaves too Wilma mwah xoxo


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