Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hot and Cross!

With the Easter weekend over, I can calmly reflect on what a great weekend it was. It's been a long time since I cooked hot cross buns from scratch, but when I went to the bakery last Thursday night, they had sold out! I was a little "hot" under the collar and cross, because I hadn't planned to spend Good Friday morning baking! However,  I checked the internet for an "easy" recipe . The recipe in the CWA cookbook seemed a bit complicated, but I am sure it would have produced good results, too! I am sharing the recipe link  because although Easter is over, without the cross, these buns would be a delicious treat at other times of the year.  
I have never been good at baking with yeast but all seemed to go smoothly even if the process seemed a little tedious, waiting for the dough to double in size and then do that all over again. However, in the end I  was happy with the results. Both batches tasted great, and the family ate them without complaints!  

It was such a good weekend -  doing nothing much but enjoying each other's company, an Easter Egg hunt and other quiet activities at home. 

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