Sunday, July 24, 2011

Enthrone Your Doll

"Enthrone Your Doll" is the title of a project in an Art Doll Quarterly Magazine. I have been a fan of this magazine for a few years, and  religiously bookmark lots of projects and ideas in them.  Rarely do I try any of them. I was tidying up the other day, and saw all the bookmarks in so many magazines. I vowed I should do something about them. I came across this wonderful idea by Christine Shively in the Spring 2004 edition.

This was also timely as I have the last doll to work on in the round robin with a theme of Witches and Wizards.  My job is to embellish this doll, but there really wasn't much more to add . The doll arrived really completed and resplendent in reds and blacks. It's a pity I can't show the doll  to you yet, as it will be revealed in a fortnight's time. Earlier ideas of making a black cat, or a black raven as a companion were dismissed in favour of a chair. So,with red and black as my theme, I rummaged around in my work room  for beads, trims and fabrics and gathered other supplies -   recycled cardboard from a carton and  four wooden pegs. Then, with a bit of glue, paint and stitching, here is a "throne", fit for a "witch with attitude".

Until the doll can be displayed, a little felty friend is keeping the seat warm.
Friends at my other doll making group, Hello Dollies also liked this, and it may become a future challenge. Amazing what inspiration old magazines can provide! 


  1. Wilma this chair is WILD!! Love it..

  2. FABULOUS! I love the chair!!!

  3. thanks for your positive comments - I had fun making this chair


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