Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japanese Nostalgia

With the news of the unfolding and escalating disaster in Japan dominating the media, our thoughts are with  our friends, especially our previous exchange daughters and their families in Japan. Thankfully they are all safe, but we can't help feeling sad for the magnitude of loss of life and environmental destruction. This morning, I looked around our home and found all kinds of  little reminders of happy times we have had with them. Most are beautiful gifts the girls or their families have given us or made themselves ... a thousand cranes, paper cuts, dolls and fabrics.

I even found small gifts from my host families when I was in Japan over 40 years ago,
and a little handbag I made a few years ago and this reminds me so much of our girls. We are thinking postive thoughts for you all.

Not to forget a small but very special event this week - Happy 3rd  Birthday William. May you always be protected from disaster.


  1. Wow,that's what I made! Origami cranes!
    I can't believe that I folded a thousand cranes on my own. So happy that they are still on the wall in your house!

  2. Hi Miki
    Lots of visitors to our house still comment on the thousand cranes you made - a really wonderful gift from you to remember happy times. thank you
    love Jim & Wilma


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