Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Many Make a Series?

I wonder if three is sufficient a number to call a series? In my Owl Sisters post, I said I was creating a series of ‘Birdstick Women”. Here are three completed in the last week – all inspired by Australian birds commonly found in the Eastern States – a grass owl, an Australian raven (crow), and a Rose Robin ( although here the nesting female is rather a plain looking bird!).

And the fourth just didn’t want a bird as a companion -

These art dolls are in preparation for my workshop at the Contemporary Craft Retreat in Canberra in October.  For more information about my workshops and many others led by talented artists from all over Australia, please check out the Contemporary Craft Retreat website

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  1. Those are awesome! I would say 5, but that's my guess. If you have 3 I would expect more, same with 4, but after 5 I would think it would be complete but still could be added to. LOL, just my thoughts.


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