Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fabric Fun Crafternoon Tea

One of the textile things I love doing is making fabric out of scraps... I think this is often called pizza fabric because all sorts of bits and pieces are thrown down onto a base. This was one of the activities at last Sunday's Crafternoon Tea. For those not familiar with a 'crafternoon tea', it is a lazy Summer Sunday afternoon  when a few like minded people get together and "create" and indulge in a scrumptious afternoon tea.  Prior to the Fabric Fun day, we've had a felting afternoon, and a clay play day , with another clay play day planned for next month. Last Sunday, we had demonstrations of felt embellishment with angelina fibres, glitter and organza and paper collaged fabric as well as some experimenting with the embellishing machine and making the "pizza" fabric with free form machine embroidery. The days are lots of fun as well as being inspirational, so when Autumn and Winter arrive, we will change to Souper Skills Sundays - learning new creative techniques in different media, with soup and sandwiches for lunch!
This is one of my little wall "message stick" dolls, made from a bit of the "pizza" fabric leftover from the  Christmas beetle doll.  I have made this in preparation for the "One World One Heart" worldwide blog giveaway. It will be a gift either from the Art Dolls Only blog or from this one, so look out for the big giveaway  from 30 January. I have added a message on a piece of Australian bush timber, which I think is appropriate for the event "Love is the harmony of two souls singing together"

After the day, I was also inspired to make another pair of "fairy" shoes with the organza covered angelina  felt , but these are really tiny - only 2 inches long from the tip of the toe to the heel. These are "genie" shoes - do you remember how Jeannie from the old TV show " I Dream of Jeannie" seeks refuge inside her bottle ? (The show is now rerunning on one of the digital channels).    

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  1. Hi Wilma, glad you had such a good time at your Sunday Crating Day.Pizza fabric is fun to make.It's good to just "go wild" and make fabric with no prior thoughts- just letting things happen.


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