Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at Our Place - a time for...

No - this was not Christmas at our place. This is our grandson at the beautiful lights at Hunter Valley Gardens. Much to our grandchildren's dismay, we have one string of lights on a tree in our garden, but we make up with lots of fun and festivities.
Christmas for us starts on the Sunday before Christmas Day with the annual Simmons Family Party  - a time for....
 catching up with cousins 

 sharing stories with the in-laws

preparing too much delicious food

presents from Santa Simmons
and of course, the annual family photo ...

 Christmas Day was with our wonderful family at our place - a time for ...
excitement - Santa came and filled the  stockings
brotherly hugs and festive costumes
opening presents .... a family affair

some need help .... from other family members

others didn't - they managed all by themselves.

great gifts - a budding drummer - I love my new socks - thanks Santa!

serious playing with new toys - did you say 'read the instructions'?
eating festive food - gingerbread and  Christmas mince pies -yum!

and peace, happiness and sweet dreams.

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