Monday, October 4, 2010

What did we do in Mando, Papua New Guinea?

Rotarians from Yea, Victoria clebrate the installation of a water tank at Mando village, PNG.

It is said that the Mando spirit moves mountains. However, it takes a team of Rotary volunteers to complete a project job list. In the last threee years, we have provided free primary education by building new classrooms, reduced the infant mortality rate by encouraging mothers to have their babies in the hospital or medical centre by providing maother and baby packs, began the process of including students with special needs in the school, supplemented family incomes by teaching living schools and establishing pig and chicekn breeding projects at the school. Here is a video summary of what has been achieved our recent trip - MANDO 2010 VIDEO Thanks to our intrepid leader, Wendy Stein for the production of this clip to highlight the achievements
Clean water on tap
Village men help unload new tank

Teacher housing upgraded
 Replacing the floor of the principal's house
Interior decorators at work
Unloading the container of school furniture

Furniture assembly

School maintenance

 First litter of pigs sold

Sewing lessons for women

Unpacking new machines

Boys' sewing lessons
Girls' sewing lessons

Cultural show participation

Practising grandparenting skills 

Thanks to our friends in Mando for welcoming us,taking care of us and sharing so generously your culture and accepting us in your daily lives, and offering us such genuine friendship and goodwill and thanks to our fellow team members for your friendship, hard work and inspiration and motivation to help others.

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