Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun challenges and creative family

Another last minute rush to finish my “Hello Dollies” challenge doll. Way back in March we were asked to decide to make a pattern which we have had for awhile and intended and wanted to make, but just didn’t get around to it. I chose a 1998 pattern by Karen Cunagin called Harlequin. I made some modifications and was generally pleased with it.
 There were many more absolutely fantastic and successful challenge dolls. This magnificent dragon made by Fay using a Melinda Small Paterson pattern, was an obvious challenge winner. All of the dolls may be viewed here, in my Hello Dollies flckr set  
 My mother has been visiting me and each day has been very busy creating something new. My workroom has not been busier. Mum has been making more temari balls and kimekomi balls, knitting a shawl, and of course, completing a “square” to add to my 60th birthday quilt. I have quite a few squares, delivered and sent to me from friends. So many thanks – the “quilt” is going to be so fantastic.
Last Friday, I had also had the great pleasure of participating of the launch of the Wallsend Carnivale murals. Our talented niece, Lisa organised these murals and designed them, and with the help of local school children produced these bright, cheerful and engaging murals on the Telstra building.
 And add to all of that, a few successful workshops, frenetic cleaning and organising for a family get together and huge party on the weekend, Hello Dollies in Sydney, grandparents' day at Dylan's preschool, it's been a very busy couple of weeks.

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  1. Great post Wilma!!LOVE,love the Harlequin doll!!The challenge dolls were fantastic!I'll check them out at Hello Dollies. Thanks for the pics. Great fun!!
    Your Mum does very detailed and beautiful work too.


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