Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Floor - a beautiful floor

At last, we have the new floors finished and we are now in the throes of putting furniture back. It took much less time to move it out - how does that happen?

We had quite a few delays. I think we thought that by having the job done by a timber flooring place it would have all gone smoothly with subcontractors coming to their work in sequence. It didn’t quite happen that way. It seemed that no one was really booked to do the jobs – they were phoned the day before to check if they were available and when they were not, we were told there was a problem. When the sanders came, they thought that the cork which goes in the expansion spaces would have already been fitted , but we were assured by the layers that the sanders would do that. Then there was a minor dispute about who should nail back the skirting boards. However, we are really happy with the floor and the 12 year old + floor looks fantastic, and it certainly now doesn’t look too different from the new section. We now have beautiful Australian spotted gum floors.
Just in time for my mother’s visit starting tomorrow and for the silver workshop here on Sunday! It’s been a busy week with my school holiday workshops in polymer clay,
and a family outing with my daughter, daughter-in-law and grandsons to Disney on Ice.

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