Monday, September 14, 2009

Too Early for Christmas?

Is too early to think about Christmas ? Not for the Gumnutters Doll group! Last Saturday, our project was to make a "scrappy angel" . Obviously so called, because they are made with scraps of fabric. I made mine 50% of the original pattern size, so they could be little Christmas tree decorations.  I am usually still making Christmas things on Christmas Eve, so it seems rather amazing to me that I have at least two decorations made this early. Thanks to the Gumnutters for motivating me.
This week, I was really surprised and delighted to see my Artist Trading Card (ATC)  Doll featured on the homepage of the ATC Doll Group site. I made two ATC dolls as part of a monthly swap which had a theme of Coffee/Tea. ATC dolls are made on a card base, the size of an artist trading card/playing card. Other attachments can be added, but must fold down to the card size.  For my tea ATC doll, I used the tea bag packet from my favourite tea, Lady Grey and created a vintage Lady Grey, complete with cup and saucer. The other one, the Coffee ATC doll recycled a 'saying' given to me on a card from a friend, Connie. It was fun making these, and quite a  relaxing diversion from my other activities.
I have over the last week been racking my brain, trying to find an exciting name for my workshop to be presented at the Kurri Creative Textile retreat next May. On Thursday night, I went to bed with the dictionary, and my workshop is now entitled Felted Fashion and Fallalery. Yes, felt and fashion are OK, but what is 'fallalery' . It is described as the act of using/making fallals, which are trifling ornaments or decorative finery. Exact description for my felted three dimensional figures and containers ! If you are interested in the retreat, please go to the NCEATA Newcastle Creative Embroiderers and Textile Artists site


  1. So cute! You're going to have the best dressed Christmas tree around!

  2. Wonderful Tea Lady card - what a fantastic idea! I love it!


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