Monday, September 7, 2009

Something Blue - Pay It Forward

 DUST is the ETSY "Down Under Street Team" - a group of Australian Artists, Craftspeople and Artisans who support ETSY and wish to promote independent handcrafted goods here is Australia and workwide. I am a proud member of DUST . Each month DUST has a sale with a theme. This month, the theme is "Something Blue".  I had very few things in my shop which are "blue", so started to get out all the blue stuff I have.This Blue Beadie is one of the little pieces I created once I saw how many blue beads I actually had in my stash. I could probably make hundreds of blue beaded things with what I have collected over the years .  Do I have Bower Bird syndrome? I also made another little blue Angel of Hope. This one is number 21, but will be sent as a gift to a friend
Do you believe in Pay It Forward ... doing a good deed with nothing asked in return except that the hope that the recipient would go and do another good deed for someone else to keep the cycle going. This is probably more of a 'paying it back" story, but a similar idea. Yesterday Jim and I were having a light lunch in a Japanese cafe "Kitami Kitchen", in Hamilton, Newcastle. A rather dishevelled man came into the cafe and asked the owner for some food for a friend  but he had no money. This is a very small business with just the owner and a chef, with three tables in a small shop front - very unpretentious.  I expected the owner to refuse and ask the man to leave the premises, but instead, he quietly packaged up some food in takeaway containers for him. I don't want the cycle to finish there, so besides leaving a huge tip for the cafe owner's kindness, I'd like to recommend this little cafe for a quick lunch or takeaway food. All this happened after a great Father's Day outing with our family. What a great Sunday...

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