Sunday, September 20, 2009

Felt Art Dolls - Compass Series

I have been trying hard to have my samples ready for next year's workshops and was really happy that this week, I finally finished one of my "Compass" series felted art dolls. This one , I think is going to be called "Western Landscape" or maybe "Way Out West". I have planned to make three others ... East Wind, Northern Lights and South Seas - they are still in my head.  These "dolls" are made from one piece of  felt made using the wet felting process with a plastic resist. With this particular one, I used wool and a silk hankie, and then embellished with gemstone chips, beads and some simple surface embroidery .

And here is a little needle felted bear I made at "Hello Dollies" yesterday. Cute?  Please also have a look at the photos of the great day we had with Marilyn Halcomb, who gave us a mini workshop on needle felting figures  - Hello Dollies blog

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  1. I think we must be sending one another "thought waves"!!
    He,he...Love the Needle felting and felted Art Dolls. I have just bought an Embellishing mach, and love using it. Thanks so much for your lovely parcel!!


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