Sunday, August 16, 2009

Samples, Sushi and a Socksillie

The title ( samples, sushi and a socksillie) is a summary of my creative activity this week. I have been trying to work up some samples for my felt workshop early next year. I am really enjoying making the felted containers and have started on a series of dolls, although I have only just begun to embellish them. The workshop will include the creation of felted jewellery, fashion accessories like belts and scarves, and then some mixed media items, using felt, beads and polymer clay . I am looking for a catchy name for this workshop .... so far, here are the ideas "Felted Fashion and Fingyummyjigs", " Felted Fashion and Frivolities" , Felted Fashion and Formations" ... Do you have any suggestions for a really great name for the workshop?

One of my other "jobs" is counsellor to the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. It was Mayuko's good idea to come over this weekend and do some Japanese cooking. We had a sushi party - I have tried to make sushi many times before, and I haven't been really successful. Mayuko showed Pam and me the finer points of sushi preparation - and what a great success we were. One of the steps I had omitted previously was to fan the hot rice to cool it quickly after the rice vinegar and sugar had been added. We also learnt how to cut the sushi rolls neatly - the art is in bringing the knife towards yourself.

To end the week on an even brighter note - here is my latest Socksillie. Meet Georgie - made from two socks, some embroidery thread, and a felted bobble and I love especially those rosy felt cheeks!

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  1. The felt jewellery looks good Wilma. Good on you doing the Sushi!I have never even tried!


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