Sunday, August 9, 2009

Midsummer Night's Dream Dolls

The Gumnutters' Doll Group celebrates its birthday each August with the annual "unbagging" of the "doll in a bag" round robin . This year's theme was "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
This is the way it works - each participant provides a "body" in a cloth bag. Someone else takes the bag (unseen) and works on the doll that particular month and then the same process is repeated in the subsequent months - five months, with each person working on a specific doll only once. Each month, there is a set part of the doll to work on - legs, arms, head/face/hair, costuming, embellishments. So these dolls are all collaborations, usually accompanied by journals in which each person who works on the doll adds some information or explanation of her work. It is so exciting to see the final result, as the owner of the doll has no idea how the theme has been interpreted . Unfortunately, I didn't participate this year, as I knew I would be away for a couple of the months, but I was really impressed with these dolls inspired by characters from Shakespeare's comedy . Can you recognise the influence of Hippolyta, Robin Goodfellow and the fairies Mustard Seed, PeaseBlossom and Cobweb ?

And of course, Happy Birthday, Gumnutters and congratulations on another successful "Doll in a Bag" round robin. What will the theme be for 2010? Any suggestions from dollmakers?


  1. Gorgeous Dolls! I love Round Robins too ;-)

    Kathleen xx

  2. Great fun and companionship in your club.Great dolls too. Nice to see Dolores came to the meeting.

  3. Happy belated B'day :)
    The dolls all look wonderful again this year, sorry I missed the dinner, we were driving home that night. Thanks for the lovely post you did on our little sculpting adventure, hopefully I'll get my blog updated soon- ish :)


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