Monday, August 31, 2009

Angels of Hope - Rotary Club Project

What a great Rotary Club I belong to! We have just started a new project to assist a local community support program for young women in crisis. It is a program which offers residential accommodation as well as a skills program. Its aims are to bring hope, build faith, reveal love and restore value.  Yesterday, eight  of us, including our Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar,  made some little dolls as gifts for the women. They are called Angels of Hope, adapted from a pattern from Rosalie Quinlan's book, Gift.
While we are aware of the Comfort Doll Project, we wanted to make these dolls ourselves, and enjoy doing it together as a club project.
We were all very keen and started the afternoon reviewing the pattern, gathering fabrics and then allocated jobs. Even the non-sewers had plenty to do.
It was soon very clear that we were a very focussed, determined and industrious group, with sewing machines whirring, scissors snipping, stuffing tools filling dolls' bodies, irons pressing fabric, and pens drawing faces....   
We were given a boost of energy and enthusaism, when our Rotary Assistant Governor  just happened to visit . He politely declined to do some sewing, but was very encouraging.
When the first two little angels were completed , we were all really happy and congratulated ourselves. What better way to celebrate the first couple off the production line than with a beautiful afternoon tea.
By the end of the afternoon, we had completed fifteen dolls, with three just needing some finishing off.  Two dolls were needed immediately for two new residents and we packaged  them up  to be given with our gift bag of toiletries. The bags are made by members of our Rotary club or members of their familes and the contents are kindly donated by local shops. The attached card reads "Angel of Hope... Handmade and donated by the Rotary Club of Wallsend-Maryland . District 9670"
Many thanks to  fellow Rotarians and friends who came to help yesterday afternoon, especially for giving up a Saturday afterrnon when the weather was perfect for enjoying the outdoors. You did a great job making the dolls and I think you should be very proud and happy with the results. I really enjoyed making these little dolls with you , and hopefully, they will bring some hope and joy to the recipients.


  1. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, gorgeous!!!What a great project!!Bet you had fun doing it too!!!Best wishes on a kind endeavour.

  2. This is awesome! Love the beautiful dolls, the fantastic participants, and your goal behind your venture. I know your recipients will be blown away by your thoughtfulness,caring, and generosity. I must share your project on the Comfort Doll blog.
    Hugs and smiles,


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