Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter with Egg Cups

 I hope everyone who observes Easter has a happy celebration - a time of renewal.

No doubt, you all indulged in some eggs, perhaps chocolate, sugar candy or plain boiled.... in an egg cup. 

Five interesting things to know  about egg cups. 

1. Collecting egg cups is called pocillovy

2. The  earliest egg cup found was a silver one, discovered  in the ruins of Pompeii   after Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79AD - the egg cup may have had BC origins. 

3. The first images of egg cups were spotted in a Turkish mosaic dating from 3AD

4. During the French revolution, King Louis XV was said to have popularised egg cups as French citizens tried to imitate  their king’s ability to “decapitate an egg at a single stroke.”  King Louis often entertained his couriers with his ability to do this  with his  breakfast eggs. 

5.The  famous 'Bunnykins" egg cups are called single "bucket" cups. Other categories of egg cups are single (pedestal) and double . 

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