Monday, August 28, 2017

In the forest, the child. In the child, the forest ...

Rain forest babies - art dolls by Wilma Simmons 2017 

" In the forest, the child. In the child, the forest. Dwelling well within themselves, children can right wrong turns, can find the clarity of a clearing in the woods. Breath deeply enough the scents of pine, mushroom, moss and beech mast and they will stay with you: listen to the forest attentively enough in childhood and the blackbird will still be singing seventy years on. ( )

People often ask me what inspires you to make the things you do.... I draw my inspiration from many places. The little rainforest babies were made very late one night a couple of weeks ago. They are a response to a challenge 'inspired by May Gibbs" held by my doll making group, and while I wanted to pay tribute to May Gibbs' love of nature, I didn't merely want to copy her gumnut babies. However, I did want to capture her magical feel to her characters.... and I really loved the fantastical idea that babies born in the forest would have magical adventures. Of course I am always inspired by the beauty of nature and a walk outside, a memory or a photo will trigger an idea.

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