Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter Eggs

I love this way of decorating eggs for Easter - it is a natural process and we can eat the eggs without too much guilt or damage to our waistlines. All I did  today was boil up some brown onion skins /peel. I prepared the eggs by cutting up some nylon stockings and placed a leaf down over the stocking and then the uncooked egg on top. Then I pulled the nylon stocking tight around the leaf and egg, making sure the leaf was placed where I wanted it, and secured the parcel with a rubber band. I put the eggs in the dye bath and slowly brought them to a boil, let them cook for about 10 minutes, and let them cool in the dye bath for at hour. I think the better results came from the heavier, stronger leaves -   the upper left is grevillea, and the lower left is rosemary or perhaps you prefer the more delicate prints from the ferns? Happy Easter!  

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