Monday, February 13, 2017

29 Faces#13 & Tag Tuesday

#29faces - 13 and "Bookworm" for Tag Tuesday: Wilma Simmons 
"Killing two birds with one stone" - hope this isn't cheating? 
Day 13 of the 29 Faces Art Challenge and Tag Tuesday for the theme "Bookworm" 
As you know, the 29 Faces Challenge means creating a face a day... Here is the link to the 29 Faces blog .  There are on this blog 39 participants in this month's challenge, 

Tag Tuesday has now changed and anyone can join in  - there is,as usual,  a theme, but there are now two weeks to post a link  on the Tag Tuesday blog.  Hope you will visit and look at the links to many different artistic tags created for  the 'Bookworm" theme . 

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