Thursday, February 2, 2017

29 Faces - February 2017

 Here I am again taking up the 29 Faces Challenge in February . If you remember last year, I created 29 faces on used tea bags and celebrated the achievements of women too.  Here is a link to my 29 Faces of Worldy Women. 29 Gaces is an art  challenge set by  Martha, Ayala Art and for more information go to the 29 Faces blog. 

 There are many paint artists who take up this challenge, but I am not a portraitist and work mostly with textiles, so it is all fun for me to use paint, pencils and ink. This month, I m going to make small series of tags celebrating the seasons and the natural elements. I am going to use all my scraps of painted or dyed paper I have in storage... left over bits of art paper I have used to roll off excess paint from brayers, or test out colours - there is plenty to make 29 small tags!

#29 Faces #1 /Summer : Wilma Simmons 
#29 Faces #2/Summer :Wilma Simmons

Keep following my progress with this challenge - I will try to post every couple of days . 

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