Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year : Love the moment

The last time I wrote about New Year resolutions was in 2014 - in this post  . I still think that the five simple guidelines for happy living  is a wonderful way to reflect on behaviours for the year, and to continue every day of every year...

I hope, this year, we will all try to be kinder to one another, expect the positive and judge less.  I am not so serious about  resolutions  and how to achieve them. I am aiming for doing the best I can each day.... There are so many websites which discuss the behaviourist theories behind successful  New Year resolutions. According to these experts, my approach is far too vague and should be more specific  and realistic  so if I were to translate this into action - a random act of kindness at least once a week, wake up each morning thinking of one positive thing which could occur in my day, hold my tongue when a quick judgement looms - this sounds ok for me. However,  I think it's so reassuring that when really high fliers, the super successful  in global business corporations were asked about their New Year's resolutions  they did not mention career and financial success so much. They mostly responded along the lines of improving communication and empathy with others, for example the behaviours listed included, having the humility of seeing strengths in others; more 'face to face" communication - fewer emails;   mentoring of  young women and assisting the global refugee crisis.  from Business Insider . 2017 is looking great! 

Happy New Year - Relax and love the moment! 

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