Monday, January 9, 2017

Clean Off Your Desk Day


The second Monday of January each year recognizes National Clean Off Your Desk Day.This day is an opportunity to begin your new year with a clean and organized workspace. Whether your desk is in a private or shared office, cubicle, home or a make-shift desk on the counter, having your workspace uncluttered, organized, refreshed and clean will help you work more efficiently and give you a sense of serenity. from

This is not easy when you have projects continually half finished on your desk - I am referring to myself. The photo above shows my "Winter" book still there on my desk, when today - we are in the middle of summer with soaring temperatures. Then, I haven't shown the other parts of my desk(s) with half finished dolls, tags in progress for Tag Tuesday, clothes waiting to be mended, half assembled kits for a workshop on Friday.and  that's the top layer! But my 2017 approach is to look for the positives, so I have cleaned off a "section" of my desk , just in time to start a new project tonight. I am reassured by the question posed by Albert Einstein .... 

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