Monday, August 29, 2016

Little things of life on a tea bag....

Having a long time obsession with making art with tea bags ( see previous posts September 2014 including exhibition invitation) and with new inspiration from tea bag artist Ruby Silvious , I started a very humble tea bag drawing project while on a break last month in Townsville, North Queensland,
"Humble" is an apt description - I had a black felt tipped marker and five coloured paint markers and six dried used tea bags as my materials - all one needs for an 11 day holiday. As this wasn't really a sightseeing holiday to somewhere exotic, and more of a family visit, I recorded the minutiae - some of the trivialities which create memories.  These funny little drawings  were a few minutes each day of quiet reflection and single focus - no pressure, no deep meaning, no attempt at  artistry. Even now, a month after, just leafing through the little tea bag pages has a calming effect - just appreciating the little things in life.
top row l-r : drinks at the airport,poinciana tree in winter, roast chicken dinner
middle row l-r : birds in a tree, shopping at Renegade Handmade, Perc Tucker art gallery exhibition
bottom row l-r: birthday cake, frame for embroidery, new walker for my mum 
top - close up of cover
bottom l-r : clouds ; Burdekin Dam 

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