Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Newspaper Houses

Having recently attended a workshop with Ines Seidel, at Timeless Textiles, I am enjoying creating with paper and especially newsprint. Here is  this week's tag for Tag Tuesday, my online art tag challenge group. The theme was "Down the street ... A row of houses".  It was inspired by a black line drawing I saw, but cannot find it again or the source. So if anyone recognises it, I would be happy to acknowledge the original.
However, I have used a completely different technique and the style of houses  and the "moon" are also different. I cut out some columns from the travel section of the Sunday paper - some of the words relate to housing and buildings  and pasted them down on a magazine page. I then used black felt tipped pen to draw in rooftops and  houses. The section of  visible street is also a newspaper photo from the same section of the newspaper. I like the idea of lights shining through windows, so made this a "night" scene with a very large full moon. The moon is a piece of dyed absorbent paper, which just happened to be lying around on my desk - left over from the 'bees" project. 
I haven't been able to find time to do these weekly challenges with Tag Tuesday for a couple of months, but have thoroughly enjoyed the last two I completed. There are artists who never miss a week, so hope you might visit the blog and check them out. 

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