Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wise Words on Wednesday 3/2016

Today, January 13, is Make Your Dream Come True Day 
It gives you the opportunity to do something to realize your goals and dreams. Whatever your dreams are, they usually don't come true without some effort on your part. So, today is the perfect opportunity to do something about it.
On this day do something, anything, to move in the direction of achieving your dreams 

I am a great believer in self talk, so here is some that I am happy to share with you. 

Here are ten easy suggested steps to making dreams come true  

1. What's your dream?
This is honestly the trickiest step. Don't complicate it..... Start with the easy stuff.

2. Decide and believe.
Many of us will pick a delicious dream for ourselves and then immediately start pecking furiously at the edges with a list of ways it can't, won't, or shouldn't work out for us. Stop that!

3. Release fear.
This next step isn't a one-time event. It's probably something you're going to have to do over and over, every time you notice you're stuck and you've stopped forward momentum.

4. Take action!
Eegads, finally, the part where we actually DO stuff.
Figure out what you need to DO to make your dream happen. Then go do it.
Every day.

5. Love yourself.
It's really easy to lose the plot in the frenzy of daily living. Just slow down, pump the breaks, relax. Listen. Take quiet time alone every day

6. Use other's success as inspiration.
When you notice someone more fortunate, practise saying to yourself, "You know what? I want that, too! I'm going to figure out how and make it happen!"If we want good things to happen to us, we have to stop judging others negatively for the good things they bring into their lives.

7. View mistakes as lessons, not an excuse to give up.
When you make a mistake, it's not a reflection on your character. It's just data about what you should do next.

8. Value tiny decisions.
The decision to get up early every morning is a momentous one. The tiny decisions happen every single day . Every little decision, everything single thing we do, matters.

9. Don't let bad habits win.
Usually our bad habits are nothing more than a tepid attempt at escaping fear, but then we've really gone down the rabbit hole INTO fear when we do things that are self-destructive as an escape.

10. Believe the Universe is friendly.

And if you need a song to day dream by..... the  favourite song of dreamers is Somewhere over the Rainbow  

Resource links  : Huffington Post and Holiday Insights 

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