Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Joy of Having Time....

Earlier in the year, I enrolled in a creative embroidery course. This means that each month, I receive a parcel in the post - fabric and threads with an instruction to create an stitched design according to a theme and/or type of stitching. Inevitably, I run short of time - stitching right up to the last moment, and sending off my completed assignment by Express Post for it to reach the Guild Headquarters on the day the assessors meet.
NSW Embroiderers' Guild 
Last month, no parcel came and my completed assignment from the previous month  was not returned. I thought perhaps because I had two incomplete assignments still on my work table at home, my assessor decided I wasn't to receive another until I had finished and handed in the outstanding two. totally understandable! So I worked hard to complete them.... still didn' t make the last post on Friday!
Theme - Bottles, Technique - Distorted Applique 
Theme - Seed Heads Technique - Texture 
 So I decided not to let that enemy 'time' beat me.... my new plan was to travel to Sydney , take my finished assignments with me, apologise for my lateness, and hope I could locate my missing piece of work and receive last month's assignment.  All went well - caught the train at 7.45am and arrived at the Guild Headquarters by 10.15 am. Oh no - my assessor was away, but  all was not in vain . I spoke to others, found my lost  work (together with my last assignment)   thanks to a little sleuthing from the course coordinator, It all happened within fifteen minutes of my arrival and as I had planned to take a train home  at 12.15pm,,,, I had time to spare!
Goldwork - lost and now found! 
So  with the luxury of having time, it was easy to enjoy  morning tea  with the creative course group - chatting to  the packers of the kits, and some of the assessors and understanding how the course actually operates; early lunch at the  Love Life coffee shop next door and then even time to wander and take some photos. 

Embroiderers' Guild Headquarters 
Love Life Coffee Shop 
Concord West looks just like a main street of a country town and I was so impressed with the cleanliness of the street  and the inviting area near the station to sit and just take time to look at passers by, or enjoy the sunshine - which I did.
Concord West - quiet main street 
What was even more positive about the whole day was that I used public transport  which ran on time to schedule, and not a single hiccup regarding changing lines either way - and all this for only $2.50 fare, at least $10 cheaper than posting my assignments!
Railway Station, Concord West 

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