Monday, March 30, 2015

Red Good Fortune Cookies

My mother is celebrating her 90th birthday next weekend, and I was given the job of creating something as a party favour for guests coming to the event. We agreed on some criteria - a small item, not too expensive, not chocolates or lollies, preferably handmade, and something reflecting my mother's heritage and her birthday. I thought of  fans with a photo, a small clay plaque, small boxes with customised ribbon, chopsticks... then I saw felt fortune cookies on Pinterest!. Tick all the boxes and  thank you, Martha Stewart  for a step by step description.
photo from
I used Martha Stewart's instructions to guide me....
1. Cut felt circles - the ones I cut are 10cm diameter. 
2. Cut pieces of wire and ribbon to fit inside the circles. 
3. Clean up, but dilemma - will I keep the scraps of felt for another future project? 
4. Embroider.... 

5. Count ... 
6. Glue the wire covered with ribbon on the inside of the circles. 
7. Glue the circles into closed semi circles, leaving a space for the paper fortune.
8. Having checked the wording of the fortune, print and cut out the fortunes.
 ( thanks to my niece for designing the birthday theme logo )
9. Fold and insert the  fortunes. 
10 "Bend" the fortune cookies. 
The first batch of a total of 70 red good fortune cookies. 

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