Monday, March 16, 2015

Adeline - Boho Banjo Art To Wear

Adeline featured in Aspiring Designers Challenge 
Pearl Red Moon is an amazing designer and artist with her own  label," Boho Banjo" .... and again Pearl let me test her new pattern, "Adeline". Previously I tested "Zelda " - you can read about that first experience of testing Peal's patterns here. But, let me tell you about Adeline .... this is one of the easiest patterns I've made and it's stylish , versatile  and most of all  comfortable. The pattern comes in multiple sizes and two lengths. I made the small pattern ( suitable for sizes 8-12 Australian) and the shorter length. Even though I am definitely on the larger end of the small scale and very short , I was very happy with the fit and the length.

Adeline pattern available from Kollabora
The pattern comes as a downloadable PDF file. While you can get this printed off locally at your favourite print/photocopy shop in large sheets - 2 A0, I opted for printing off  the A4 sheets on my own printer and sticking them together. This is the most time consuming part of  constructing this garment, but I don't mind it at all. Somehow, you get to know the pattern very well and Pearl's instructions of putting the pattern together are very clear and easy to follow. 
"Adeline" scraps even look artistic! 
"Adeline" can be made in light woven or stretch fabrics - something with a bit of a drape looks great. I chose an overall patterned fabric, with a very light stretch. The only variation I made to the pattern was that because the fabric had such a light stretch, I cut the neck and armhole bands on the bias. (This instruction is given in the pattern when using woven fabrics. )

Thank you, Pearl for designing "Adeline" and especially for letting me test this great pattern.
Go to Pattern Revolution Aspiring Designers Challenge  to see more pattern testers' versions of "Adeline"and an opportunity to enter a giveaway. To purchase this fantastic pattern  and other patterns in the Boho Banjo Art to Wear range , please visit this  Kollabora site .

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