Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tea on Thursday 21 : Slow, fussy tea drinker ?

"Bohea" - art doll with tea dyed fabrics, tea bag paper and polymer clay 
 Here's another post in my series of tea thoughts on a Thursday...
I had never thought I was fussy about tea .... I prefer tea made in a pot, but will happily drink tea bag tea of all varieties.   However, here are a few discoveries I have made about my tea drinking practices
- tea does taste better when drunk slowly and even better when the preparation is not rushed. ( hence the quotation above)
-   there are some  tea bags ( I recently purchased  them for dyeing) which really are not worth drinking and I don't! So it's definitely true -  not all tea is equal  despite the labelling.
- tea taste does improve if the temperature of the water is right  and the period of steeping time is appropriate . I have included the table below for reference. Although it is suggested 175degrees F (79.5 degrees C)  for green tea , I must admit that I like about 86 degrees!

- and although I usually  drink tea without milk or sugar, on the occasion, I might have a drop of milk (lactose free) in a cup of  strong black tea, I definitely like the milk in the cup first!
On this evidence, perhaps I am a fussy tea drinker...


  1. I love tea and I don't drink coffee at all. As a result, I have a small token jar of coffee for visitors and a huge collection of teas. I have both tea bags and loose leaf tea (I love the Tea Centre at Kotara for my tea supplies).

    I find I drink leaf tea black, but will often add milk to teabag tea, particularly the more generic blends. I have discovered the wonders of green tea over the past 12 months or so and often drink black tea in the mornings, but green tea in the afternoons and evenings.

    I agree that it does make a difference if you take the time to brew tea properly. I don't usually make tea in a pot, but my children gave me a tea infuser mug for Mothers' Day which I use most days. It allows the leaves to move about a little and then the tea drains through the leaves and a mesh when you place it over your tea cup.

    Looks like I'm a fussy tea drinker too. :-)

  2. I am a total coffee fiend, and forgot my love of tea. The ritual. The smell. The stolen moment in time of reflection and delicious pause. Will be hunting down my teapot! Thanks x


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