Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Exhibition Countdown 1 - First Sale

Tomorrow is the opening of "Leaves of Distinction" an exhibition of textile and mixed media art at Timeless Textile Gallery. Yesterday (Tuesday) was setting up/hanging day. As this is a new and unfamiliar gallery space, it took a little longer then usual, but by about 3pm, it was all looking good. Five hours later , I was  at the GP Access after hours service. What had appeared to be an innocuous insect bite on my foot  a few days ago was turning into something a little more sinister. The doctor took one look, declared a staph infection and armed me with anti biotics. This morning, my foot is at least half the size it was last night so I think that's a good omen that the diagnosis was correct.  

Today, Henk Tobbe and his wife and assistant, Anjes took photos. I am so grateful to Henk who is a great photographer whom I met through Rotary. Henk took so much care and was so enthusiastic about the work and about taking photos - and he has very expensive equipment! I am so keen to see the photos when they are processed. 
While we were taking photos, Timeless Textiles opened for its first day of trading and within an hour, the first sale was made from my exhibition! ... looking forward to opneing night tomorrow!

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