Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quick and Easy Handmade Gifts

It's THAT time of the year! 
For most of  the year, my work can be purchased at  my Etsy shop and Timeless Textiles, a Gallery and Centre for Fibre Artists. But, at this time of the year, there are pop-up shops, markets and bazaars for local artists and artisans. Every year, I then frantically search for good ideas for small, inexpensive, quick and easy handmade gift ideas for markets. This year, I made quite a few fabric fridge magnets...  I will explain the basic steps and perhaps you might like to try some for yourself. 
1. Choose a bright and simple print on heavy cotton or linen. For these magnets, I chose a mushroom silk screened fabric from Thea and Sami. 
Thea and Sami printed fabric 

2. Use a backing fabric like heavy calico, linen or ticking in a similar colour to the print fabric. 
3. With both fabrics together sew around the print and then trim leaving a small edge. 
4. Make a very small slit in the back, cutting through only the backing fabric. 
5. Stuff very lightly through the slit, with fibre fill . 
6. Stitch closed the slit and then using strong glue, attach a magnet. 
7. Apply fabric sealer on both sides and leave to dry thoroughly. 

Here are some additional  hints ....  choose simple shapes 
and a fabric where the print motifs  are not too close to one another. With this fabric, I needed to sew with an open toe foot on my machine as the little doll prints are quite close together. Use small very sharp scissors for trimming. 
These are great small Christmas gifts, easily posted, tucked inside a card. Hope you will try to make some yourself. Or you can purchase these  here -  all ready to pop into someone's stocking! 
Thea and Sami Printed Linen


  1. What a great idea! And so very cute.

  2. So adorable! Love them all including our mushrooms, of course. x


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