Saturday, November 2, 2013

A spider sandwich for lunch?

Close -up of the base of "witch with sticks' art doll 
 Did you know that if you were a witch, eating a spider sandwich could give you special powers?
Rosemary Ellen Guiley says in her Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft, and Wicca that in some traditions of folk magic, a black spider “eaten between two slices of buttered bread” will imbue a witch with great power. If you’re not interested in eating spiders, some traditions say that catching a spider and carrying it in a silk pouch around your neck will help prevent illness... So, while creating my art doll witch, a spider was always there amongst the drawings and plans.
rough drawing of an idea for the base of the doll 
 I rarely take photos during the process of making a doll, only because I get so engaged in the making I forget to take a photo at each step of the way . I am not entirely comfortable creating witches, so I took a few photos of my process....  when I remembered....
sculpted head in progress 
hand armatures - wire and tape 
fired head and hands - some problems with the hands so they were redone
basic colouring of the face 
stamping hand dyed cotton - it was later painted with acrylics
bunch of left over threads , perfect hair! 
threads sewn roughly to a circle of stocking  and glued to the head 
trying on the body.
draping a bamboo fibre 'skirt' around a base of sticks 
same bamboo fibre used as a cape, deepened face colour
attached arms and hands and placement of props ( sticks) 
finishing the base - painted base to blend with sticks, and added the 'spider'/ 
"Spider sandwich, anyone?" 

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  1. Hey Wilma- I noticed your comment on TAGTUESDAY! I'm in Tassie! Nice to see a fellow Aussie in Blogland... xx


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