Monday, September 30, 2013

29 FACES - the complete set

my 29 Faces - September 2013 
End of September and 29 Faces completed! .
Lots of fun, experimentation and discipline!
In case you haven't heard what 29 Faces is all about ... it is a worldwide art challenge, where each participant commits to creating 29 faces in a month... they are shared via blogs

Faces 1-9 
Faces   10-15
Faces 16-18
Faces 19-21
Faces 22-24
Faces 25-29
PS You can tell from #28 and 29, our local football team lost its final game of the season on the weekend!


  1. I love all of your unique faces, each so full of personality. I hope to see you in a future challenge.

  2. Wow, Wilma! This is amazing. I love all your faces, and what a great idea for a challenge.
    Jane x


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