Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Winner and Wise Words on Wednesday

It's not winning or losing. It's the friends and the people that you meet along the way.
And now to to the blog giveaway from last week... Judi is the winner of the plaited scarf and red hat earrings! As there were only two entrants, I will also be sending Lee a handmade gift.. 
Thanks to both of you for entering the giveaway. I hope you will be happy with your gifts. 


  1. thank you Wilma for your generosity

  2. I never win anything Wilma. Really excited and many thanks. I'll collect in person shortly if that's OK. We leave 16th to come down. See you soon

  3. Hi Wilma
    My address is 218 Knoke Avenue, Gordon ACT 2906.
    Once again thank you so much


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