Monday, November 26, 2012

Tilda with a Twist

Tilda "bugs" /Christmas beetles from Spring Ideas book 
 Many of you know that I spent some time in Finland in 2001 and recently returned for a visit and also renewed my love of Scandinavian fabric design.  I have always loved Marimekko, so it didn' t take much for me to develop a liking for Tilda - the clean, crisp, softer and appealing designs by Tone Finnanger from Norway.  My local doll supply shop, Anne's Glory Box, has recently stocked the delightful Tilda fabrics. books and accessories, so of course I really couldn't resist... And the laces have been hand dyed at Anne's Glory Box to match the Tilda fabrics.
The bugs from the Spring Ideas book are my favourites ( image above) and they will be  great gifts for my daughter and daughter-in-law, as I give them a handmade ornament for their Christmas trees each year . Tilda  has also become a bit of a craze with some of the cloth doll  makers in my Hello Dollies group. Here are a couple of gorgeous Tilda dolls made by a friend, Vicki Leeke of Victori Dolls.
Tilda dolls by Vicki Leeke 

If you are not familiar with Tilda dolls and characters,  here is a description from the Tilda website 
"Tilda is most known for the whimsical, comical and naive characters in the form of animals and dolls. Tilda's world is without a doubt a feminine one, and the most recognisable features are the faces, with two dots for eyes and rosy cheeks."
I certainly did not or would not change the Tilda style, but I added an Australian twist to  the  gingerbread men  I made  from the Crafting Christmas Gifts book. The fabric for these little gingerbread men was hand dyed with brown onion skins and syzygium leaves.  The syzygium is better known here as Lilly Pilly - an evergreen Australian tree which has glossy dark green leaves and small edible berries or fruits, mostly used to make jam. I thought the dye recipe of onion skins and syzygium turned the calico into a good gingerbread fabric.
Gingerbread Men, pattern from Tilda Crafting Christmas Gifts Book
And for a bit of fun... here is my Chinese bug -  Tilda style if that's possible? certainly Tilda with a twist? 

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